Monday, October 25, 2010

Car-Clutter, Be Gone!

I’ve heard it said that the state of your vehicle reflects the state of your life.  That quote has been stuck inside my head for a while now. Every time I go somewhere I hope that no one will look inside my van and judge me by anything they might find in there.  Really… those little toy cars everywhere aren’t mine.  Neither are the rocks, sticks and leaves you’ll find in the backseat.  The coloring books and mini “magna doodle boards,” dolls, waterbottles and sunglasses floating around back there aren’t mine either.  And I promise, I didn’t know anyone had left crayons in the car that day it was 108 degrees outside…

I decided to take charge. Admittedly, there’s stuff in there that’s my fault too.  (Like old gas receipts that should have been thrown away a long time ago!)  A car organizer is just what we need!  So, being too cheap to actually purchase some, I decided to get creative with a striped bedsheet, old jeans and scrap fabric and sew some.  

Here is my attempt to tame the clutter-beast!
103-0388_IMG 103-0384_IMG 103-0385_IMG 
 103-0387_IMG 103-0386_IMG
Notice they’re all different?

They are very simple to make… Just measure the van seats, mark where the headrest attaches to the seat and make buttonholes there, then add whatever pockets suit your fancy.  The bulging pockets on the left side of the denim strip are actually cup holders.  The pockets immediately below that hold a full size coloring book.  The red pockets in the lower right corner close with an elastic and will hold a number of large items (which I added at the request that I make a pocket large enough for a certain somebody’s doll!) 

Now we just need to take a road trip!


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