Thursday, August 5, 2010

Looking Towards The Future…

Ok, folks, I know it’s 100 degrees outside and really too hot to move, but if you live in North Texas, it’s time to get going on those winter gardens, if you haven’t started already!  Cooler weather is coming!
Here’s what can be planted right now:
-Brussels Sprouts
-sets of Bunching Onions
-Swiss Chard
-Chinese Cabbage
-Collard Greens
-Mustard Greens
-Shallot sets
-Irish Potatoes (plant small whole potatoes saved from the spring crop)

Here are some vegetables that do best if you plant them in July, but if you’re a risk taker you could still try planting them and just hope for a late frost!
-lima beans
-snap beans
-Southern Peas
-Pepper Transplants
-tomato transplants
You all know by now that I’m not naturally a gardener.  So how do I know this?  It’s because I have this great book:

Month-By-Month Gardening in Texas by Dale Groom & Dan Gill.  =)  There is a whole section just on vegetables and herbs.  It tells you exactly what should be doing each month depending on where in Texas you live!

Ok, so we haven’t had enough vegetables this summer to sell any.  We planted most of our vegetables about a month too late.  It couldn’t be helped this year and we keep laughing and saying how it’s too bad Papa the Farmer wasn’t laid off a month earlier!  Hopefully this winter we will have a large enough crop to share.  (If I get out there and plant something like I’m suggesting you all do!).  But, my friend Carol who runs a CSA over in Celina, Tx sent me this picture of one of her weekly shares last week:

Doesn’t that look wonderful?  Mmmm!   So fresh and beautiful!


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