Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Mystery Solved!

Remember about a month ago when Papa the Farmer was working on some kind of  mystery project that was turning my pretty lawn into an eyesore?  Well, the mystery was solved.  He used those curvy, bending over poles to make:
102-0210_IMG  Tomato supports!  I’d say he’s sure being an optimist…  If the tomatoes grow that tall… well, we’ll have a lot of tomatoes!


  1. Did they grow that tall? :) Nice supports by the way...I'm finding I like bush supports are never tall enough. Guess what? Oct 12th...we got our first good freeze, and now I'm scrambling (other than checking out this blog) to get the rest of my garden processed and canned.
    Love you guys...miss you

  2. We planted our tomatoes way too late (and we knew it when we were planting them!)... so they got tall, but not as tall as those posts. Actually, the bamboo was a problem because even though we thought they were dry... they started sprouting! And once Bamboo starts growing, it takes over! So we pulled it all out!
    Love and miss you too! =)