Monday, December 6, 2010

What Is It? Answers!

As promised, here are the answers to the “What Is It?” pictures that my friend Jennifer Range took at the Dallas Children’s Aquarium  when we went together last week:

What is it? (A) was a lionfish!

What is it?  (B) was a starfish!

What is it? (C) was a sea jelly!

Did you guess any of them correctly?


  1. Oh, I knew the lionfish for sure!

    My sister was feeding a neighbor's animals while the family was on vacation, and they owned several exotic fish, including a lionfish. What the family didn't tell my sister was that the lionfish has extremely poisonous spines. So when something fell in the aquarium while my sister was feeding the fish, she put her hand in the tank to retrieve it…and got 'stung' by the lionfish. Her arm swelled up and she was intense pain almost immediately. She ended up having to go to the ER because it was so bad.

    She swears to this day it was the most pain she's ever experienced.

    But they sure are beautiful fish! :)

    Joy @ Five J's

  2. They ARE beautiful fish! I didn't realize that they were poisonous! I'm sure it was posted on one of those informational signs somewhere, but with all those children, I wasn't reading anything other than the names of each animal. And I felt pretty smart just being able to pronounce everything!

    By the way - I just looked up your website. Wow! It looks like you have a lot of good information! I think I'll be printing off your "b and d" poster soon! Thank you! =)