Friday, December 3, 2010

Wait! That’s Not The Farm!

No, today you won’t be seeing farm pictures because I have a special treat for you… and it involves lots of eye-candy, compliments of my very talented friend Jennifer Range.  But first, can you guess what these are pictures of?
What is it? (A):

What is it?  (B):

What is it? (C):

Hint:  These pictures are not of anything you might find here at the Good Old Days Farm! 
Over the past 6 years my friend Jennifer and I have taken turns (it seems!) having babies.  Yesterday we got the crazy idea that it would be fun to take 6 children age 6 and under to the Dallas Acquarium:

There they are!  Yay for 8 passenger vans.  We piled all the car seats into one van and off we went!  The Children's Acquarium at Fair Park was recently renovated and is having a free “sneak preview today and tomorrow” so check it out if you’re in the area!
Jennifer is graciously allowing me to share some of the things we saw, through her camera lens.  We saw lots and lots of fish, of course:

My personal favorite was the “Look Down” fish.  It is a pretty silver color and has a flat profile:

Seahorses!  (Do you see this one hiding behind the rock?)

A big sea turtle:

We got to see how seaweed grows.  Seaweed happens to be a favorite food for the little farmhands and I!  We make vegetarian “sushi” rolls!  Mmmm!  (This is kelp):

We got to see what happens to the fish each time a wave crashes against the top of the ocean:

This exhibit taught us all about the tentacles of the octopus:

And this was one of the little farmhands’ favorite exhibits.  When you turn the wheel you see a little baby turtle being born out if its shell!  This was a big hit amongst the little people!

And we even got to watch the zookeepers feed the albino alligators!  (Who spit out their vitamin pills after the zookeeper left, by the way!)

The most significant change at the aquarium is the addition of “Stingray Bay” where visitors can pet the stingrays!  Anyone can pet the stringrays and after this weekend it will cost $2 to feed the stingrays, but yesterday they let us all help feed the stingrays for free.  Everyone (including the babies) got in on the action:

All in all, it was a very fun day at the aquarium! 

Many thanks to Jennifer Range for her contributing her photographic talent to today’s post.  Please do not copy or use her images without first obtaining written permission from Jennifer (Contact us to be put in touch with her!)

PS – The answers to today’s “What is it?” Quiz will appear in the NEXT blog post!  Stay tuned!

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