Thursday, June 30, 2011

How to Make Sushi - vegan sushi, that is!

Ever wondered how to make sushi?  Well, here's an easy way!

First I take a sheet of dried seaweed and fold it in half.  Then I bend it backwards and fold it in half again, along the same fold.  This creasing and re-creasing will break it in half.

Then I take a scoop of warm rice and place it on the seaweed.  Seasoned rice is delicious!  In this example I have used leftover red clover rice that was featured in a blog post earlier this week.

  Picture 302

Picture 303
Then I just slowly begin to roll... The heat from the rice will help the seaweed to stick to itself.  If I wanted to get really fance I could put avacado and vegetables inside like raw carrots, onions, cucumber cut julienne-style....  But in this case, I was hungry and just wanted to eat so nothing fancy here.  Sorry about that!

And before you know it, you're done! 
 Picture 304
The only problem at our house with making these is that the Little Farmhands really, really love them!  I can't seem to make them fast enough!  In fact, the first "rule" that I had to lay down with they were babies was, "No eating seaweed between meals!!!"  That's probably not typical and I can't guarantee that your children will like seaweed and "sushi rolls" as much as mine do, but at least they can have fun making them!


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