Saturday, June 4, 2011

A whole blog post just about Mulch!

A few days ago, this came rolling up my driveway:

Picture 414

Not once.  They came about 5 times.  That is a picture of the guys who trim tree branches away from the electrical lines for the electric company.  So guess what they brought us.

Canoe Photos 058

Yeah.  Mulch.  A lot of it.  Normally, they pay to dispose of it somewhere, but if they can find an enthusiastic farmer with an unsuspecting wife, that works out better for everybody!

Canoe Photos 056

I don’t think pictures can adequately illustrate just how much mulch can fit in 5 truckloads.  Somehow, it just looks bigger in real life.

Canoe Photos 060

There is a lot of mulch here.  (Did I say that already?)  And it is decomposing.  Because that is what branches do when you cut them off a tree.  Decomposition creates heat.  (How did I get a degree without ever learning that?).   One day shortly after they brought all this mulch it rained:

Canoe Photos 062

And our mulch pile actually started producing steam!  Which is great, because we homeschool and we love volcanoes!  But I really wasn’t hoping expecting to have a volcano of our very own in the side yard.

Of course we all had fun digging holes and sticking our hands down there!  It was surprisingly hot!

Canoe Photos 061

Papa the Farmer and I have a bargain.  I agree to let him do this crazy farming thing and he agrees to keep my pretty yard from turning into an eyesore.  I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again….  I think he’s not keeping his end of the deal!


Fine Print:  Don’t worry!  This was not dangerous or a fire hazard.  This was steam, not smoke.  Everything was wet, and necessary precautions were taken in case something were to catch on fire… Like, if somebody thought it was a good idea to come over and smoke on mulch pile or something.)  =)


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