Monday, July 11, 2011

Breakfast Pizza!

Farmgirl created a “new” recipe a few mornings ago that she wanted to show you…

Picture 325

Here it is!  Breakfast Pizza!

First, she got a waffle and spread peanut butter on it.  (Papa the farmer makes great gluten free waffles!  I keep telling him he needs to write a cookbook!)  Over the peanut butter she put Peach Sauce.  Peach sauce is just my simple way of preserving peaches from our trees… I blend them up, pour the puree in mason jars and voila!  Peach Sauce.  On top of that she sliced bananas and strawberries, then she drizzled a little applesauce over the whole thing (like the cheese on a vegetable pizza)…

She was so pleased with her creation that she asked me to take pictures and share them online! 
Now let’s take a closer look at her handiwork: 

Picture 327

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  1. Well, the apple does not fall far from the tree (mother like daughter)! Looks yummy!! Bravo!!