Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Havin’ a Hay Day!

Remember the hay Papa the Farmer brought home yesterday?  Well, so did the Little Farmhands!  I went outside this morning to find this:


Children love hay!  I am convinced it’s in their DNA.

Actually, for a long time, Papa the Farmer has been interested in building a straw bale house.  This isn't exactly what he has in mind, but today, we built him one.


Would you like a tour?  Just walk crawl in through the old cabinet front front door:


Below is the bedroom.  I was informed that it is where Jesus was born.  (Please don’t rush to make our hay house a historic site quite yet.  Let me check their facts first.  I’m pretty sure Bethlehem was not in Texas!)


We even have a garage!  (Boys love their cars!)


The Little Farmgirl wanted it to be a kitchen, but I guess her brother won when he drove in and parked his car where she was going to put the table.

There’s a back window (with a built in window seat!) …


…that doubles as a fire escape:


It’s hard to tell, but he’s jumping out the window shouting, “Fire!  Fire!”  (I imagine that a fire in house like this would really be a problem.)

Y’all come back now, ya hear?   =)

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  1. This reminds me of when my brothers and I made forts in our suburban back yard under the patio furniture with many sheets and blankets as the walls and roof. In the summer, this was a very HOT house, but we had SO much fun and sweated it out with glee. Hay? Now that REALLY would have been a blast :)