Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Nifty Little Laundry Spoon

Yesterday I posted a tutorial about how I make my own laundry soap.  (Click here if you missed it!)  It takes 2 Tbsp of soap to clean a load of laundry.  I never bother to measure because it’s just not practical to keep a measuring spoon near the detergent.  My “system” up until now has been to just leave a small food storage container floating in the bucket of soap and eyeball it.

My friend Kristi from Hip Green Baby sells all kinds of cloth diapers and cloth diaper accessories.  One of her accessories is this nifty little laundry measuring spoon which she sells for $3.50!  One side measures a Tablespoon, the other measures a teaspoon.  In honor of laundry week on the blog, I picked one up yesterday.  I figure that the amount of laundry soap I save by actually measuring and using only what I need will easily cover the $3 I spent for the spoon!

Picture 182

What’s really great about this spoon is those little round dots you see on top.  Those are magnets… So you can store your measuring spoon right on the side of the washing machine where it will always be handy!  (Or on the back of your washing machine, just out of sight if you’ve got inquisitive toddlers!)

Picture 180

If you want a nifty little laundry spoon for your home, you can buy one hereHip Green Baby is a great company run by a Work-At-Home Mom to six children.  It is a great local, home-based business to support!   Of course if you don't live locally, perhaps you could achieve the same effect by gluing a magnet to the front of a measuring spoon! 


  1. This looks handy. Will check it out and as long as shipping isn't crazy, we're getting one too.

    Came over from grocery shrink. I am amazed by your laundry system. AMAZED.

  2. Welcome, Monique! I have no idea what the shipping will work out to be, but if it is crazy, try sending Kristi (the owner) a personal email. Tell her I sent you and see if she can do anything to adjust it. The post office charges whatever they charge, but Kristi is a really great lady. If she doesn't change the shipping, it's because she truly can't. Let me know how it works out. =)

    The laundry system IS amazing! I can't take credit for it... It's all my friend Pam's system. I am learning from her! =)

  3. Monique, I was thinking about it... I hadn't considered the cost of shipping, since I just picked the spoon up in person. Why not just hot glue a magnet to a regular measuring spoon? That would do the trick! =)