Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Little Handyman

I had to post this today, because I just thought it was so, so sweet….

For those of you who are new to the blog, Farming is my husband’s dream.  He left a career as a software engineer last summer so that he could farm.  Let’s just say, it’s been an adventure and an adjustment, all at the same time!  Well, we can’t get the farm going if he is commuting an hour each way to and from and the city to work, so in order to make ends meet while we get the farm started, Papa the Farmer does handyman work around the community.

I have always been frugal (although that has been turned up a notch since we started all this!)…  I always dress my children in hand-me-downs.  There is no shortage of children’s clothes in the world!  I don’t see the point in paying top prices for clothes that they are going to outgrow really soon anyway. 
So last week one of Papa the Farmer’s handyman customers sent some bags of boys’ clothes home with him.  The Little Farmhand immediately found something just perfect for him!  He put it on his head and shouted for joy…

Picture 183
“I’m a handyman… just like Papa!”

Now you and I both know that Super Mario is not a handyman.  But come to think of it, he does kind of look like one, doesn’t he?  

Now if you will excuse me, the Little Farmhand is taking a nap.  If I am very quiet, I might be able to sneak into his room get that hat off his head, wash it and get it back on him before somebody wakes up again…


  1. Actually Mario and his brother Luigi are plumbers.So in a way they are handymen . Mary

  2. LOL! Well, that shows how much I know about Mario. It never occurred me that a video game character might also have a day job. =) Thanks for the education... I'll tell the Little Farmhand in the morning. =)