Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Sonbeams Preschool Curriculum – Review and Sale

Once in a while I meet somebody who obviously knows God.  I mean really, really KNOWS God.  Remember when Moses came back from Mount Sinai after receiving the 10 Commandments from God?  Being that close to God’s glory had caused his face to shine.  The Israelites couldn’t look at him and Moses had to wear a veil until the glow faded.  (You can read all about it in Exodus 34:29-35.) 

Spending time with God changes people.  Everyone around them can tell that they have spent time with God.
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Mrs. Candace at is like that.  She has such a heart to lead children to Christ!  Her preschool curriculum teaches children their letters, numbers, colors and shapes like any other preschool curriculum would, but she weaves it all together around Biblical Principles.  For example, In week 1, the children learn the letter A.  Their Bible verse is “All have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God.”  (Romans 3:23).  They learn the number “0” and it is explained to them that Jesus takes our sins away.  Every sin we ask forgiveness for is gone and zero sins are left!  Our sins are forgiven because Jesus’ blood was shed for us, so the color of the week is red… the color of Jesus’ blood.

Now, did you know the whole plan of salvation could be wrapped up in a preschool lesson like that?  I didn’t!

And of course, Sonbeams offers ABC scripture songs on CD or as a downloadable MP3 file to accompany each lesson.

Our family doesn’t do a lot of the crafts in the curriculum guide, but we have been very blessed by the songs and the way the program integrates letters, numbers, colors and Bible Verses together.

Well, this morning I got an email from Mrs. Candace.  She has been thinking about the earthquake in Japan.  So many souls launched into eternity with no warning.  Tomorrow is not promised to any of us, so, for TODAY ONLY, Mrs. Candace is making some of the the Sonbeams products available to everyone on a donation basis…   That’s right… you pick the price!  And if you are struggling and can’t pay anything, then you repay her in prayers!
Her is her email:

Breaking Down the Barriers!

This is a hard time financially for many of us, and things that we would love to share with our children and families often times have to wait due to other things - such as food, power, water, etc...
After seeing the massive amount of damage and lives (souls) lost in Japan this week, my heart was saddened to know that some of these people didn't know Jesus as their Saviour. Some might have never heard of Him at all!
Sharing the Lord with children has been a calling on my heart since childhood, and for those that just might not be in a position to buy resources which teach your child about the Lord, we are offering you a special today!
I don't want for your family to be denied Christian products due to being financially burdened right now, so this week we're shaking up our prices, and certain products are set up where YOU can select the price you pay.
Please do not hesitate to check out if you have $0 - we'd simply like to ask for your prayer support instead.
There's no greater blessing than knowing that seeds are being planted, and we can trust our Master with the harvest!

All of the sonbeams products are wonderful!  The items that are set up for you to set the price are the 4 individual ebooks that make up the Preschool Curriculum (You need to select each individual ebook, not the curriculum as a whole):


4 Books Image med

And also the MP3 Download of the Bible Memory Verse Songs:


This is a wonderful opportunity to get your children started on Scripture Memory, or extend their current program!

(By the way, this is not a paid post.  I am sharing this because our family has been truly blessed by these products!)


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