Thursday, April 21, 2011

Farm Life Easter Bonnet Tutorial

Last week I showed you a pretty spring hat we made from dollar-store materials that would make a perfect Easter bonnet for the little girl in your life! 

Today, I want to show you another hat we made… This one is perhaps less appropriate for church, but definitely more adorable!

Avery Akeman is our official farm friend!  She is the same age as our Little Farmhands, but she has various medical issues.  Serious medical issues.  Her heart stops when she eats and her immune system is so compromised that she can’t be around other children…  but she can receive letters and the Little Farmhands love writing to her! 

Well last Monday was her birthday.  We wanted to make her something (inexpensively!) that would remind her of her farm friends…  Well, we came up with a hat that was very much one-of-a-kind!

Picture 256

(Here’s a picture of our Farm Girl modeling it for the camera!)

Here’s how we did it: 

First we gathered up our supplies (a hat from the dollar store, artificial flowers and greenery from the dollar store, ribbon, and a “Farm Toob” from Hobby Lobby (yay for Hobby Lobby’s 40% off coupon!)  We also used two elastic bands and about 1/2 skein of brown “I Love This Yarn” from Hobby Lobby.  It is so soft!

Picture 239

The Farm Boy really wanted Avery to have “Rainbow Ribbon” on her hat.  I was skeptical about how it would look, but it turned out pretty well!  We pulled off the ribbon that came with the hat and replaced it with a band of “Rainbow Ribbon.”  (We just hot glued the bottom down.)

Picture 241

The “Rainbow Ribbon” didn’t quite fit the shape of the hat so I tacked it down with hot glue:

Picture 244

Next we made a big bow with long streamers hanging down in the back and glued that on:

Picture 243

The next step was lots of fun!  We took all the little creatures out of the “Farm Toob” and arranged them around the brim of the hat.  Then we glued them on to the ribbon:

Picture 245

We added some greenery to the brim of the hat:

Picture 247

And tucked some flowers into the ribbon (hot glued in place, of course)!

Picture 246

I can’t remember whose idea the “final touch” was, but what is a Farm Girl without braids?  So we added Farm Girl Braids!  We made the braids by wrapping yarn around a huge book 65 times:

Picture 254

Then I very carefully slid the yarn off the book and sewed the top together several times.  (Sorry for the sloppy stitching, but this part was really tricky!)

Picture 251

It occurred to me that Avery’s parents might not want to be seen in public with a little girl in a farm hat complete with farm braids, so I added some velcro to the braid to make them removable:

Picture 252

I was careful to put the soft side of the velcro inside the hat so that it will feel soft against Avery’s head when she is wearing the hat braid-less:

Picture 249

I cut the bottom loops of the yarn, braided it and secured it with an elastic band.  Then I made it look pretty with more “Rainbow Ribbon!”

Here are some final shots of the hat!  I suspect it was one of Avery’s more unique birthday presents this year!

Picture 255

Picture 259 

Picture 257

 Picture 258


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