Thursday, April 14, 2011

Frugal Girls’ Easter Bonnet! (Tutorial)

Am I the only one who thinks paying $15+ for a little girls’ dress hat that they are only going to wear to church a few times is obscene?  Well, for those of you needing Little Girl Easter hats, here’s a tutorial for a sweet little Easter Hat… just barely in the nick of time!

I found some very simple (pretty flimsy) little hats at “Dollar Tree” for $1.  We bought two.  One for the farm girl and one for a friend.

Picture 260

We also found these really pretty artificial flowers for $2:

Picture 262

With a little hot glue, this is what we ended up with:

Picture 263

In case you’re thinking to yourself, “Is that grass on the top of her head…” please don’t judge me!  She really wanted a butterfly up there.  Here’s a bird’s eye view:

Picture 265

We also made a second hat for a friend.  We started with the same $1 hat, but this one was green.  The Little Farmboy wanted “rainbow ribbon” on this one so we pulled off the little ribbon the hat came with and added some “rainbow ribbon”:

Picture 241

Then we tied a bow and glued that onto the back, leaving long beautiful ends! 
 Picture 243

As you can see, the ribbon fits at the base, but it needs some adjusting to get the top of the ribbon to lay flat.  I was going to sew it little tucks into the ribbon, but I found that hot glue did the trick pretty well:

Picture 244

I think our friend will be very pleased when she gets her hat!  We had such fun making these today!  Now, we will not be wearing ours to church, but with the right ribbon and/or flowers, this could make an adorable hat for Easter!


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