Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Teach Your Children To Work

Yes, I know they only have one childhood… So don’t waste it.  Work will always be a part of their life, so teach your children to enjoy it!

Our Little Farmhands love to work!  (Well, they love some kinds of work!)  FarmBoy loves anything involving the tractor.  So last night when Papa the Farmer came home and decided to finish mowing one part of the yard, FarmBoy went too!  He was already in his pajamas, but I let him go anyway.
After a little while it was bedtime.  I went down there and called him up.  But the two of them talked me into “just please let him finish up” so I did.  FarmBoy was so excited to be helping to mow the grass (on Papa’s lap, of course)!  As I was walking back up to the house I looked over my shoulder and there was FarmBoy looking back at me with a big, silly, excited grin on his face.

Well, 5 minutes later, they were back at the house… and this is what I saw:

Picture 312
This morning he said, “I was so tired from cutting the whole place that I just…. fell asleep!”
Yeah, we work them hard.  =)


  1. This is SO cute!! It made me laugh!! Great memories.

  2. I love that he thinks he worked so hard it tired him out! All he did was ride! =)