Sunday, April 10, 2011

Getting Started With Scripture Memory

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One of the toughest challenges in getting started with memorizing scripture, for me, is choosing which verses to memorize first.  The perfectionist in me could get so caught up deciding which verses are the “right” or the “best” verses to memorize that we would never memorize anything at all!  Today I am going to share some verse lists that have helped me get started with scripture memory!

The Navigators puts out a very popular list of Bible verses to memorize called the “Topical Memory System.”  When I first began being interested in scripture memory, I read so many testimonials of people saying they had memorized these verses decades ago and that these particular verses had been a great help to them over the years.  This is a list of 60 verses covering the following topics:  Live the New Life, Proclaim Christ, Rely on God’s Resources, Be Christ’s Disciple, and Grow in Christlikeness. provides a list of suggested verses for getting started in memorizing.  Topics in this list include:  The Student Motto (“I am, I can, I ought, I will”), Christian Living, Classic Passages, Creation, Old Testament, Proverbs, Psalms and Salvation. offers a list of the 100 most-read verses on their Bible Look-Up site.

If you peek at the table of contents for the book "100 Bible Verses Everyone Should Know By Heart" by Robert J. Morgan you will find 100 more great verses for Bible Memorization.  Some are the obvious, familiar verses and others are not-so-obvious.  I’ve read most of this book (not all!) and I enjoyed it.  The first half of the book offers inspiration for Bible Memorization and the second half gives the list of verses and offers a little devotional-style story relating to each verse.

One great method for finding verses to memorize is to jot them down either in the back of your Bible or on index cards as you come across them in your personal reading.  I use 3” x 5” index cards and then file them in the back of my Scripture Memory Review Box where I won’t lose them:

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Another great book is “The Well Versed Family” by Caroline Boykin.  This book encourages families to memorize the Bible together… a concept I hadn’t thought of before!  The Little Farmhands and I are loving this!  This book has memory verse cards with suggested verses on perforated pages in the back.  We are having a giveaway for this book right now, so be sure to click here to enter, if you haven’t already!


Happy Memorizing!

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