Thursday, April 14, 2011

How to Chose a Husband When You’re Only 6 Years Old

Now don’t worry… With that title I am not promoting child-marriages!  Often I find myself wondering what goes through a child’s mind and once in a while the child will say something so profound that it’s funny.  I have a little friend, Sweet Girl, who is 6 years old.  I secretly wouldn’t mind if she or her younger sister grew up to marry one my Little Farmboy.  (I think Little Farmboy might have his eye on the little sister!)  Yesterday I got this email from my little friend’s mom:

Just yesterday Sweet Girl tells me TOTALLY out of the blue "When I grow up I need to have a good Dada (for her children, a husband for her!)." Then she asks "How am I gonna know if he's a good one or a bad one?" 

So I said "Well, you need to find that out before you marry him! You have to make sure he loves Jesus. You have to make sure he is a hard worker and not lazy, and that he does what is right. "
She thought about that a minute and said "Yeah, I've been thinking...I'm going to ask him to build a shed. Then I'll watch how he does it, and if he is real slow about it, then I'll know he's lazy." LOLOL!!!! Go figure!

Then she says "And, he can't be silly. Like, my harp teacher gave me some stickers that were just silly....that's not gonna work with a husband. And he can't be, like, eating junk either. Because if I eat good food, and he eats all the junk food, then he'll come home and ask 'Why did you throw out all my food?'" 

(Which, let me throw right here that me and my husband are totally on the same page as far as food goes, so I don’t know where she gets this from! Hahaha!  He doesn't buy junk food that I throw away...Lol!)
"And he can't sit around and watch t.v. or sit on the computer all day. He needs to know how to do practical stuff!"
Guess more is "caught" than taught???
Smart little girl!  So I’m going to make sure the Little Farmboy learns to work hard so that he passes her “not lazy, not silly test”!