Thursday, February 10, 2011

Becoming Facebook-Free!

I love Facebook!  When Papa the Farmer and I got married I moved to Texas from Canada to be with him, leaving all my friends and family behind.  So when Facebook came along I was very excited to have a quick way of keeping up with everybody all at once!

Papa the Farmer had a Facebook account for a while.  He deleted it a year or two ago.  He keeps telling me how great life-after-Facebook is!  “Delete it and you will never look back!” he says.  The fact is, he would be a very happy husband if I deleted my Facebook account.

Facebok is time consuming. 

Being a good Wife, Mother, Keeper of the Home, Homeschool Teacher and Farm-lady is also time consuming.

I belong to a great Moms’ Bible Study group.  These wonderful women challenge me to be the best wife and mother I can be

I could be a better wife if I deleted my Facebook Account.
I could be a better mother if I deleted my Facebook Account.
I could be a better Keeper of the Home if I deleted my Facebook Account.
I would probably read my Bible more if I deleted my Facebook Account. (ouch!)

So, as a gift of love to my dear husband, I am taking the plunge and deleting my personal account.  
I will be very interested to see how this goes.  I have a feeling that this will turn out to be a gift of love to myself, too.

Does anyone want to join me?  If you want to take the plunge and become Facebook-Free with me, please post in the comments!  I would love to have some company!  Because I really like Facebook and I think I’m going to be going through withdrawal for a little while….


  1. I love love love this post. I refused to get on Facebook for years. But, I've since found that it really helps me connect with blog readers. Although, I must say, it's a colossal waste of time and I miss the good ole days pre-FB. Good luck!

  2. Well, thank you! In order to keep the Good Old Days Farm on Facebook, I wasn't able to completely delete my account, so I deleted my entire friendlist. (Oh, that was hard!) I can post status updates on the farm page, but that's it! I'm excited about the unintended consequences this will have for our family and I will certainly be blogging about this again! =)

  3. Altho not a young mom....I agree with being facebook free. The Lord tells us that the idle hands are the devils workshop....and I feel that
    facebook leads to takes up opens doors that we can unwittingly step into that we normally wouldn't...and there are just so many more important, edifying things to do.

  4. Hello my friend! I have been very busy with a move and finally found time to start reading your blog again! I am glad I did! I completely agree and as we have had this conversation about Facebook.. it is funny, while I was moving, I went without internet for two weeks. You know what I found? People actually expected me to know what was going on in their lives when I saw them!! I felt so very out of the loop without FB, but not in a good way! I am with you... it is a hobby, but somehow we all treat it like it is our job to know everyone's business! I promised my husband I would get everyone I really want to keep in touch with's email addresses and delete mine very soon as well! Good job! Proud of you!

  5. I was teasingly "threatening" a friend that while I am in Facebook-withdrawal I would be popping over to her house, knocking on the door and saying, "I just wanted to check your status quickly! What's going on over here?" When I put it that way, it felt like I was being such a busybody! Certainly, Facebook can be used for good, but it is not the right choice for this season in my life. Thanks for your encouragement! I will be blogging more about this Facebook-Free experience.

  6. I resisted joining FB for a long time due to the concerns you listed, but I have to say once I joined I have been happy with the choice. I find myself blessed daily with support and encouragment from like minded moms and feel I can be a part of people's lives that would otherwise be almost impossible. I admit I use it to keep up with the birth world as well. As I too don't have any family anywhere close by, FB has been a gift in that it is a way to share my life with them (and vica versa)that I never could do before.

    I love that as Christians we don't live by the law so we are all convicted differently and according to our needs and how GOd is growing us. I am sure you will be blessed by your choice. In the mean time it is good reminder for me to always prayfully be aware of being a good steward of my time be it with my use of FB or the million other ways I can be distracted from the priorities in my life. All things are permissable, but not all things are beneficial.
    Maria Pokluda

  7. I love that last sentence, Maria! =) I know that Facebook is a huge blessing for a lot of women and I have enjoyed being on Facebook. Now I'm going to try something different and I think I will enjoy that too! I know some women who use Facebook as a mission field. Maybe that will be me in another season. For now, this is me and this is my season. =)
    I'm not saying other women should sign off Facebook. We have a farm, which is a lot of extra work... I just don't really have time for both. Oh and by the way - The farm is still on Facebook. I post status updates occasionally. =)

  8. Hmmmmmm... I'm gonna think about this. I agree with you about this. Well, I have a page for my blog but it is an idea to delete my friendlist. I have to keep my separate account for my Asperger Moms page. But I see what you mean and I'm giving it serious thought. Thank you.

  9. Welcome, Jenny! It's not my mission in life to tell other women that they need to delete Facebook, but if you feel convicted about it, then by all means, follow your convictions. =) Today it has been 1 week since I deleted my friendlist... I had not realized how much I look forward to reading everyone's status. If the goal in life is to simplify and focus on my family, this has been a step in the right direction! And honestly, I thought I would really, really miss Facebook, but in fact, I'm filling my time up with other things and not thinking about it very much. Oh! And to the individual who suggested I replace Facebook with Twitter.... I resisted that temptation! LOL! =)

  10. Dear Farmers Wife,
    I too became strongly convicted to abstain from Facebook - after having 100+ friends! We live out in the country, many states away from family, and it is so tempting to want to 'connect'. But the evil we faced (even from our own family and am shamed to say, from our own church family) was attacking us in so many ways. I knew for a while the Lord was calling us away from it and am so glad we are no longer a part. Thank you for being willing to stand too! We are also a vegan gluten-free family and have been for 3 years. We should exchange menu lists! I would love to share my blog with you as well ( my email gallaghermom at gmail). It is so nice to 'meet' you!
    In His Love,
    Mama of 4 at Lightbearer

  11. Nice to "meet" you too, Nicole! I just sent you an email! =)

  12. I've missed your comments since you've left FB but I know why you left. Hope all is going well with you guys. I started a blog, hope you'll follow us. I'll likely live out my days raising our kids in Orillia:D I'm looking for a new Math curriculum, if you know of one let me know:D Ttys,Sherry

  13. Or you could've just not used Facebook as much...what is wrong with another form of communication anyway?