Friday, February 18, 2011

God is so Cool!

I’ve written in the past about our friend Avery Akeman.  Avery is the same age as our Little Farmhands, except she was born prematurely and has spent her entire life battling serious medical complications.  (To read more about Avery’s story click here or to follow her parents’ online journal updates, click here.)  Among other issues Avery needs to be fed through a tube that goes directly into her stomach.  Worse yet, her immune system is so compromised that she can’t be around other children.  But, she can receive letters!  And the Little Farmhands love writing to Avery!  Around here, Avery is our Star!


Well, yesterday we took the Little Farmhands to the zoo.  As we were getting ready to go, the Little Farmhands were wishing Avery could come with us, but of course that isn’t possible.  But sometimes God surprises us!  As we were driving to the zoo, Papa the Farmer turned the radio on for just a couple of minutes.  We hardly ever listen to the radio, but yesterday we did.  It was the Christian station, and every day they pray for the military.  Yesterday, as they were praying for the military, they added one more sentence to their prayer…

and Lord, please bless Avery Akeman who was born prematurely and needs your healing power.”

If you were driving South on Hwy 75 through Dallas yesterday morning and passed a mini van filled with children who suddenly erupted into crazy-excited cheers, well, that was us! 


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