Friday, February 25, 2011

Lake Good Old Days

I thought I would take today to share some of the “real life” that happens around here.  When I write for the blog I try to stay upbeat and positive, and make this whole crazy farming idea sound like an adventure.  But sometimes things happen that make me want to crawl back into bed, pull the covers over my head and just maybe when I get up again I will discover this whole farming thing was just a bad dream.

Recently something happened that made me want to do all that, plus throw up.

The day started simply enough.  We were all sitting down to breakfast when on of the Little Farmhands said, “When we were playing yesterday we saw a hole in the ground and water was coming out of it.”

With all the freezing and thawing that had been going on, Papa the Farmer and I knew instantly what had happened.  We jumped up and flew outside to try to contain the damage.

We found the hole.  It looks innocent enough, doesn’t it?

Picture 115

An underground pipe had burst and the water had forced its way up, creating a hole.  Water was gushing out of it.  Who knows how long it had been doing that.  Then the water flowed through our garden…

Picture 119

…and positively saturated the ground beyond that.  

Picture 114

Then it pooled up at the bottom of the hill and formed a small lake.  The photo below is only one section of what flooded.  My pictures really don't do it justice.  Our property was far more wet than it looks.

Picture 113

You don’t even want to know what our water bill looked like this month.  Let's just say that this one bill came in at more than we usually pay in a year and half.  Thinking about all that water just seeping into the ground made me want to be sick.  What a waste.  Thank you to God and the local water co-op for making an adjustment so that the bill is more manageable!


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