Monday, February 28, 2011

Menu Plan Monday – Efficiency Is Not Always My Strength!

Eating vegan and gluten free can be expensive.  Very, very, expensive.  And we are cheap.  Very, very cheap.  So, one of the places we shop for specialty foods is the Asian Food Market.  We can get all kinds of unusual items for a fraction of what they cost at the health food stores!


Of course, there is no Asian market in our tiny town.  So once in a while, when Papa the Farmer goes into Dallas for a handyman job, he comes home with a variety of foods that appealed to him.  Since he doesn’t usually know that he’ll be stopping at the Asian Market, he doesn’t ever go with a list,  That means we just never know what he’s going to come home with!

Last night he came home with this:

Picture 140


The trick is to plan my meals around what he brought home.  If I can do that, I will avoid having to go the grocery store, which involves a full day’s outing and a lot of buckling and unbuckling Little Farmhands in their carseats…


Of course, every day we’ll be having salad before our cooked food.  This week, looks like we’ll be eating a lot of bok choy and beansprouts!  Mmmm!

Picture 144 Picture 141

This week’s themes will revolve around various countires.  Since we have so much Asian food in the house, we’ll be having Chinese food twice this week!

Sunday – Brazilian

Monday – Chinese

Tuesday – Italian

Wednesday – Mexican

Thursday -  French

Friday – Chinese

Saturday - Leftovers

One of the items I am really excited to try is this:

Picture 146

Spring Roll Wraps made out of Rice flour!  Yay! for gluten free spring rolls!  When we switched to a gluten-free diet, I thought I’d never taste good spring rolls again!

(Too bad the instructions on the package are in Chineese…)

Menu Plan Monday is the brain-child of Laura at "I'm an Organized Junkie."  Each week she posts her own menu plan and LOTS of other bloggers link their weekly menus to hers.  Click here to check it out!  Most of the menus are not vegan or gluten free but some are so there are plenty of ideas for everyone!


  1. lol Smoothie over popcorn! It's so funny the things that kids do!
    What is this Almond dressing that you speak of? It sounds delish! :)

  2. woo hoo! i was glad to see your link! i'm vegan as well, although not gluten free. hopefully, i'll remember about the menu plan monday linky and be able to stop in again!

  3. It really can get ridiculously expensive cooking vegan and gluten-free. Sigh. But I, too, love my Asian markets!

    Those lovely wrappers you have are actually Vietnamese, and are traditionally used for making summer rolls, which are like spring rolls but they are fresh, not fried. I found a video for you of how to rehydrate them and make them into summer rolls:

    I've seen GF bloggers use them as wrappers for fried spring rolls, too, and even as wrappers for samosas! (Here's a video for that one:

    Have a great week of internationally-themed cooking!

  4. I was going to say that those were actually Vietnamese, but scrumptious beat me to it! My MIL makes her spring rolls with cucumber, carrots, bean sprouts, lettuce, hmmm, some other veggies too. Can't remember what... She usually puts shrimp in her's also, but they're just as yummy without! One of my favorite things she makes. She does a lot with rice flour noodles, etc. I should get some of her recipes. She's Americanized enough though that she does add meat to everything!!

  5. Well, Papa the farmer made some delicious spring rolls. He just made up the recipe and did his best. A couple fell apart, but they were good anyway. I would love to try again using actual directions and maybe even a recipe! Thanks to you both for posting! =)