Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Gardening Inspiration!

Everyone thinks that the farm lady must have an amazing garden!  Right now, my garden looks like this:

nasty garden 

Sad.  Pitiful.  I can’t see past this and imagine that it will ever look different. 



So I am posting some pictures of our garden in better days, just to inspire myself. 


Lest you think I am responsible for this, I’m not. 

It’s Papa the Farmer who likes to garden.


I like pulling all last year’s dead plants out at the beginning of the season to give myself a fresh start.

I like looking through last year’s seeds and this year’s catalogues, planning what to plant. 



I like walking in the garden and sampling the snap peas when they are ripe. 

And I love a table filled with fresh garden-goodness!


But the weeding, watering, installing fences, fighting off animals and all the other work that goes into maintaining a garden? 

Not so crazy about that part.


So for now, I’ll just post pictures and dream about the really great garden we are going to have this year!


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