Friday, May 13, 2011

$25,000 Idea! FarmLady Style

Over the past two weeks, I’ve been working on the Homemaker’s Challenge at  The challenge is based on the book “31 Days to Clean:  Having a Martha House the Mary Way” by Sarah Mae… and let me tell you, the book is fantastic!  (To read my review, click here.)

Each day there are two challenges to complete.  The “Martha” challenge is a task to organize or clean something in your home.  The “Mary” challenge is something that reaches your heart. 

One of the assignments this week was about the $25,000 idea…

The story goes that a young consultant by the name of Ivy Lee told Steele Company CEO Charles Schwab, “I have a method that can teach your executives to manage their time so well, that your company will become 50% more effective.”  Lee was so confident in his method that he didn’t charge a set price for the consultation.  Instead he said, “Try it out for as long as you like and then send me a check for whatever you think it’s worth.”  Schwab was intrigued and agreed to try it. 

The method was simple.  Lee asked Schwab to write down the 6 most important things he had to do the next day and then number them in order of importance.  The next day, Schwab simply had to work on the item with #1 beside it.  If he could get to the next item, fine.  If not, fine.  Each night he was to rewrite his list of 6 tasks, removing anything he had completed from the list and adding something else in its place. 

Simple.  Well, two weeks later Schwab sent Lee a check for $25,000, along with a note of thanks saying this was the most profitable business lesson he had ever learned.  The company went on to make millions…

One of the “Mary” Challenges this week was to apply this lesson to our homes and to learn to manage our time more efficiently by working on our most important 6 priorities each day. 

A lady on a farm has an unusual Top-6 List… I thought it would be fun to post mine! 

1.  Find out from the neighbor how to get those two nasty snakes out from under the shed.
Picture 427
(That hole is their front door.  Sorry folks, I am not going to stick around to get a picture of the actual snakes… Ick!)

2.  Inspect Beehives
Picture 338

3.  Get outgrown clothes organized into Bins and Packed Away
Picture 426

4.  Finish Sewing Dress in Preparation for Surprise Pattern Giveaway on the Blog
(Oops!  Did I just say that out loud?!)
(Hey, FamGirl!  Where did your other leg go?  It was there a minute ago!)

5. Collect Urine in a jar and have somebody sprinkle it down near where where those two skunks live.
(Dont’ judge me!  I heard that’s a natural way to get rid of skunks and so far nothing else has worked!)

6. Write Menu Plans for Next Month so that I can place a bulk order and start posting vegan, gluten free menus again!

So, what’s on YOUR top-6 List?  Is your list similar to mine or does my list make you laugh by how unusual some of the “to-do’s” are?


  1. Wow, what an interesting and diverse list! Mine seems so mundane compared to scaring off snakes and skunks!!! Haha!

  2. Interesting list:-) We have a "herd" of skunks that walk through our yard every few nights but thankfully they live somewhere else! My husband says skunks don't travel in herds but from that smell, pewwee, there must be hundreds of them:-)
    We have snakes too but I don't know where they live and don't want to know! Have you tried to old plastic owl trick? Putting one of those fake owls up somewhere is supposed to scare snakes away??? Good luck!

  3. LOVE your list! Hopefully you'll find all of your solutions successful!