Friday, May 20, 2011

When It Rains…

North Texas is under severe thunderstorm watches this afternoon and let me tell you… this weather is something else!  The wind is so strung that I had a hard time opening my front door! (Which is ok, who wants to go out in this anyway?) The rain is coming down so hard that we could see it blowing across the neighbor’s roof in white sheets and Farm Girl said, “It looks like Snow!” 
So the Little Farmhands are stuck inside today.  Here’s what they’ve been doing this afternoon:
Picture 518

They are just aching to go outside!

I was doing some other chores while the children watched the rain.  Suddenly I heard, “Mama!  Mama!  Mama!  Come quickly!”  When they say my name three times in a row, it can only mean one thing.  Big. Hairy. Emergency.  (It’s not always my definition of an emergency, but it’s an emergency to them, nonetheless.)  But the next thing they said struck terror into my heart.  “The PIPE!  Look at the PIPE!” 
You can’t tell in the picture, but the rain is coming down really hard out there… The last thing I need is a broken pipe or extra flooding in any way.   Then I saw what they saw:
Picture 516
“Look Mama!  The Pipe is going POTTY!”
Oh yeah.  I’m one proud, proud Mama.
Moving right on to the next topic (because there’s really nothing more to say about that topic!)…  It’s raining too hard to go check on the little baby birds we found… but I did check on them the other day.  I peeked in the tree and was so surprised to see the mother looking at me.  Then I realized, “That’s not the mother!”  That’s one of the babies… growing feathers!”
Picture 509
Isn’t it interesting how the bird in front seems to be slightly more developed than the bird in back?  This picture was taken a couple of days ago.  By the time the rain lets up enough to let me take another picture, I expect there will be more exciting changes! 
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  1. Well, the bigger and more yellow (brighter) the mouth, the more food the baby will get. They are robins, right?
    We have a robin's nest on our roof -- we have a lot of juicy worms for them to eat since we've had such a wet spring!
    Thinking of you.