Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Separation Anxiety

My Mommy-heart is having a hard time this morning.  A big bad man took my baby away from me and isn’t going to bring him back until this afternoon!  Ok, it wasn’t a big bad man… it was Papa the Farmer… but the end result is the same… my baby is not home with me today.  He’s been gone 10 minutes and I miss him already…

Sweet baby

If you’re new to the blog, we are still in the beginning stages of farming.  We’re not open for business yet and definitely still in the learning stages!  We have 186 fruit trees that are still getting established, we just got our herb bed in and we’re working at planting vegetables.  We’re still learning to protect the plants from animals, insects, weather and other miscellaneous mishaps.  (We tried growing alfalfa and that didn’t work out.)  Right now, we basically make cute little farmhands and produce a nifty blog.  So, as you can see Papa the Farmer has to have a day job until we get the farm going. 

So he does handyman and remodeling work.   

Papa the Farmer meets a lot of interesting people through his handyman work.  Today’s customer is a really cool bachelor who has all kinds of big steam-engines, heavy duty antique machinery, huge cast iron gears and all kinds of other things that would appeal to a little boy.  So, the Little Farmboy gets to go for a visit today!

I packed the Little Farmboy a real working-man’s lunch in his easylunchbox and he was all set to go to work!  This morning, this is what he looked like:

Picture 425

But in my heart, he still looks like this:

sleeping peacefully

So, I’m having a little separation anxiety today.  I’m sure the Little Farmhand will be fine.  Hopefully I’ll be ok too!


  1. You are too cute! LOL Hope you are feeling a little better. I am sure he is having a ball and will have wonderful stories to share with you when he gets home. What a great opportunity for him. I understand the feeling though...they grow up SO fast!!!!

    Building Home with Him,

    Mary Joy

  2. Too cute! My boys love going to "work" with daddy, even if it's just a ride around the construction site on a Sunday just to check things out and plan for the coming week. I was confused there for a moment. I thought you'd had another baby and I didn't even know about it! (until I read the rest of the post). Take care

  3. As soon as he gets home I'm going to put bricks on his head so he won't grow so fast! =) Want to hear something funny? He's such a big boy, going to work... but right after I took that picture, I made Papa the Farmer take a potty with him, "just in case." =)

  4. Hi Jasmine - I think it's cute how boys like to be just like their Daddy! I wonder if Daddies realize how closely they are being watched! We need to pray more for our daddies! No, no 4th Farmhand yet... but I wouldn't mind! There's nothing nicer than a baby! =)

  5. Love this- and I love the two pictures at the end! You make me giggle.

    About that washboard...have we got a story for you!