Saturday, May 14, 2011

Baby Bird Giveaway!

Gotcha!  You thought I was going to give away the adorable baby birds I found last night, didn’t you?  

Picture 437

Well, I’m not.  They’re too sweet.  And anyway, I don’t think their mama would let me give them away any more than I would let Papa the Farmer giveaway one of the Little Farmhands!

But an event as exciting as finding our very own nest of baby birds should not be without celebration!  Debra from has agreed to celebrate with me!

Debra has notebooking pages for all kinds of subjects…  Bible, History, Geography, Language Arts… but my favorite are her Science & Nature Study pages!  And she has graciously offered to to celebrate our baby birds by giving one of our readers a free copy of her North American Birds Notebooking Pages ebook!


This ebook is 680 pages long and has pages for 97 of North America’s most popular birds (including all 50 state birds)!  At only $8.95 it’s definitely a good deal.  I love the fact that all Debra’s pages come in multiple styles of printing lines… So your older children can fill in advanced information:

image image

Your younger children can write on the primary printing lines:

image image 

and your littlest preschoolers can color the coloring pages in!


So, how does the Giveaway work? 

Well… I will be updating the blog every few days about our little birds’ progress.  I’ll also be posting interesting bird trivia and whatever other bird-related things I happen to think of.  When the birds leave their nest and it is obvious to us, “Ok, yeah, they’re gone now.”  I will close the Giveaway and randomly select one winner from all the entries.

That’s right… I have no idea when this giveaway will close.  How long does it take a baby bird to grow up, anyway?  2 weeks?  A month?  3 months?  I really have no idea…  I guess we’ll find out!

You can enter the giveaway in any of the following ways:

First Mandatory Entry:  You must, must, must go to and browse their products.  Then come back here and tell me which ebook topic was your favorite!

Additional Entires:  AFTER you have picked a favorite ebook, you can earn additional entries by doing any of the following:  (If you already follow us in one of these ways, just leave a comment on this post telling me so!  It still counts!)
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  • As you follow the progress of our baby birds, leave a comment on any post on this blog related to these two baby birds.  You do not need to come back here and tell me about it.  When it is time to select a winner, I will account for all the comments before selecting to somebody.
But, what if I really like the Bird Notebooking Pages and I don’t want to wait until the baby birds leave their nest???

Well then, my friend, you can always purchase the ebook for only $8.95 right here.

Picture 432
I Hope You Enjoy Bird Watching With Me! 


  1. Oh cool! I like the notebooking pages, of course I like the science and nature ones best. Coloring in the birds would be a great way to get to know them better, for any age. I like the North American Birds collection, the tropical birds notebook, and the flower and herb notebooks best. Great idea!
    karenliggett at gmail dot com

  2. Oh how neat! I like the Wildflowers, Weeds, & Garden Flowers notebook. My little guy is still a little young for the writing pages, but he can do the coloring pages! What a fun idea!