Friday, May 13, 2011


I was doing my evening rounds last night, cleaning things up from the day when I noticed that the Little Farmhands had taken my stepstool outside and left it near a tree.  “What on earth were those two doing with my stepstool outside?” I wondered to myself.

Picture 431

So I went over to put it away and something in the tree caught my eye.  What could it be?

  Picture 434

So I looked closer….

Picture 430 


Aren’t they amazing? 

So perfectly formed… Two whole, complete little birds, right there!

And then I remembered… Yesterday Papa the Farmer told me that he and the Little Farmhands had found a baby bird on the ground.  (Now how did I ever manage to forget such exciting news?)  It had fallen out of its nest.  Try as they might, they couldn’t get it back into the nest without touching it, so they did have to touch it.  Some people say that if you touch a baby bird the mother will smell human scent and will reject the baby and not feed it.  Others say that it’s perfectly fine to touch a baby bird.  Papa the Farmer had explained both sides of the controversy to the Little Farmhands and I guess they decided to drag the stool outside to check on the birds by themselves!  It seems like this mother came back because they still seem to be doing alright.  The little one on the right was breathing well.  It was harder to tell with the bird on the left.  Were those little movements coming from the bird itself, or was the little bird’s dead body just being shaken by the movement of its sibling-bird? 

After writing that last paragraph, I decided to run outside and take one last peek to make sure that the baby bird on the left really is still alive before announcing to you all that we have two baby birds.  I went over to the tree and as I started to peek into the branches, I scared the mother!  So, she’s there taking care of her little ones!  She hasn’t rejected her babies!  Happy News!

I don’t want to disturb the babies more than I already have, but I will continue to watch from a distance over the next few weeks and when I see the mother leave I will sneak over and take more pictures for you to see!  So check back on our new little friends over the next few days and we can all watch them grow together!


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