Friday, May 6, 2011

Will Work For Food

Papa the Farmer has a friend who reminds me of Passepartout from “Around the World in 80 Days” (by Jules Verne – for all you homeschoolers out there!)  Passepartout was the French Butler who accompanied his master around the world.  He was loyal, but he was always getting himself into scrapes and basically provided the antagonism in the story.

Well, our Passepartout grew up in the Brazilian countryside.  Now he lives in Dallas and he misses being in the country so once in a while he asks if he can come out to our place and do some work.  (Um, let me think about that OK!  I can use all the farming help I can get!)

Even though I call him Passepartout (because he does manage to get himself into some scrapes!), this man’s agricultural knowledge and skill are amazing!  He can shove a dead stick into the ground and a week later it will be practically bearing fruit.  (This is a welcome relief for Papa the Farmer, who happens to be married to someone who can touch a fruit-bearing tree and a week later it will be a dead stick!)  This week Passpartout came over with his friend and they worked magic in my herb garden

Picture 119

(Passepartout, Little Farmhand and the Friendly Helper planting herbs)

They did an amazing job getting all the weeds out and turning over the soil.  They put black plastic down around the edge so that no weeds and grass will get in to the garden and held it down with bricks.  

Picture 118

They used the hoe to measure out sections and then dug little paths for me to walk down.  Then they planted my herbs.  Actually, I was disappointed that they planted them… That’s the only part of gardening that I actually like!  But, if they are going to do all that work for me, I can’t deprive them of the pleasure of planting!

Picture 117

I appreciate Passepartout’s help!  Each time he comes I try to give him something in exchange for his work.  Sometimes it’s handmade soap, sometimes it’s food… This time I made him and his friendly helper lunch-to-go:

Picture 115

(The Menu:  Collard Green Salad over French Dressing, Broccoli Sprouts, Celery Sticks, Garlic Noodles, Almonds with Vegan Lemon Mousse for dessert!  Our EasyLunchBox containers are so handy for making complete meals to give away!  If you’re looking for a new lunch box, be sure to check these out!)

So, to Passepartout and his Friendly Helper…. Thank you!  You did a great job.  The herb garden is way better than if I had done it.  (Truly!!!)  And please bring those lunch containers back soon…


  1. Hmmm, NE is probably a bit out of his way, huh? Because I need an herb garden dug for my herbs I want to plant.

  2. Oh wow!!! I want Passepartout to come over to my house! You make him lunch, I'll make him dinner, and we'll swap the containers back and forth! I just love reading about your farm and all the adventures there.

  3. I saw Passepartout yesterday and told him about you two and he just laughed. I'm not sure if that means he's heading to California via Nebraska, or if he just thinks I'm silly. I'm sure he's packing his bags right now! =)