Friday, November 5, 2010

Cypress Lake Ranch!

This week we headed out to Bailey Texas (a teeny-tiny place just outside of Bonham) to visit our friends out at Cypress Lake Ranch.  In addition to growing fruits, vegetables and herbs Miss Krista raises and sells all kinds of unusual live stock.  Looking for a pet rabbit?  A Horse?  Pony?  Goats?  Hedgehog?  She’s got it!

105-0524_IMGMiss Krista with her goose!

A 3-month old colt with his mama. 


And an itty bitty hedgehog!


  1. Where are you all located? We are in the Fort Worth area and trying to figure out a way to farm as well. We have a garden in our backyard, but we have a very small yard- lol. We want to move to somewhere tropical to farm, like Hawaii, eventaully. We are vegan, and aspiring raw foodists. We want to pick all of our food fresh and eat it like God made it, and just live off of our land. :)

  2. SaRAW,
    (I LOVE your nickname! We really enjoy our raw food here too!) We live in Blue Ridge, Texas... Zip code 75424. It's about an hour and half from Fort Worth. We have 5 acres, which is small for a farm, but we're committed to running our farm debt free! This is the land God has given us, so this is the land that we're using for now!

    For small yards, you may want to look in to "Square Foot Gardening" by Mel Bartholmew. Actually, I saw that it was being sold at Dollar General for $5 so check there first! =)

  3. Is that colt nursing? How sweet. Awww...
    -Beka =)

  4. Yes, he is! He is only 3 months old. He still has all his baby hair and it is so, so soft!