Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Fall In Texas

I love fall in Texas!  It’s the best of all worlds!  Warm beautiful sunny days coupled with nights that apparently get just cool enough to bring out some beautiful orange and red hues!  No doubt, the fall colors here are nothing compared to the leaves where I grew up in Canada, but that’s a small price to pay to avoid all that nasty winter weather (freezing rain, sleet, blizzards… ick!)

Turning my mind back to lovely Texas weather… Here are some photographs I took this morning of around our farm:

104-0463_IMG_2 Here is the peach orchard.  What looks like round bales of hay are actually our fig trees!  We used grass clippings (organic!) to cover them.  Now they won’t die if we get a hard freeze.  In a couple of years they won’t need to be covered like that, but for now they need a little extra special attention.

104-0464_IMG_2The north side of the property

104-0468_IMG_2 Our entrance, looking out towards the road.  That large tree on the left is a pecan tree.  Texas is famous for its pecans!

104-0465_IMG_2 I don’t know what kind of bush this is.  It’s just a bush growing out behind the shed.  But I can see it from my window and I think it is just so vibrant and pretty!

104-0466_IMG_2 And one final shot:  Grass!  This is rye grass, so it’s going to stay green all winter!  Yay!  I love being able to see Green in December and January!


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