Sunday, November 21, 2010

Sweet Little Pumpkins made by my sweet little pumpkins!

Isn’t this the cutest little fall pumpkin decoration you ever saw? 
My little farmhands made it!  And it’s so easy that your sweet little pumpkin can make one too… as long as you have extra toilet paper around that is…
That’s right!  I belong to a really great group of mommy friends and one of the ladies showed us how to make this pumpkin out of toilet paper!  (Thanks, Candice!)  Here’s how you do it:
104-0494_IMG First, lay a large orange square of fabric out and place the roll of toilet paper in the middle.  (Note:  if the fabric is about 18” you can make 4 squares with 1 yard.  Also, the double rolls of toilet paper make a cuter, fuller pumpkin than regular rolls, but regular rolls will work fine if that’s what you have.)
104-0495_IMGNext, tuck the fabric into the hole in the toilet paper roll.  Tuck it far down so you can get all the fabric in there.
104-0498_IMGNext, lay a scrap of brown or green fabric across the top.  This will be a “leaf”.
104-0499_IMGNow you’re ready to make the stem!  Take a brown paper  lunch bag and cut it in half lengthwise like this:
104-0493_IMGNow take one half and just sort of crumple and twist so it looks like this.  Then fold it in half:
104-0500_IMG Then put the “stem” into the hole!
105-0501_IMG And now you have a great fall addition for either your kitchen or your bathroom!

(It just occurred to me that this craft might not have been my friend’s original idea.  If not and you know the original source, please leave a comment so I can give credit where credit is due!)


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