Wednesday, November 17, 2010 – The Lunchbox System of my Dreams!

When you live out in the country and you have multiple children aged 4 and under (which was me one year ago!)… leaving home is hard work!  Just getting everybody up, dressed, fed and in the van is a marathon event!  (Or should be, in my opinion.)  And that’s before we even get out the driveway.  So, grocery shopping takes us all day.  ALL DAY.  ALL STINKING DAY.

Let me digress for a moment.  When Papa the Farmer came home and said, “Let’s open a farm” it occurred to me that tilling the soil, irrigating, weeding, planting, pest control, harvesting, canning, finding customers, etc, etc, etc would be way easier than going grocery shopping with toddlers.  That’s why I agreed to it.
Anyway, back to grocery shopping.  It takes us all day, partly because we live an hour away from the healthy grocery stores and partly because we have to visit the potty anywhere from 15-30 times per outing.  So, we pack a lunch!  (Yes, we are the only family I know who packs a lunch just to go grocery shopping!)  Last year I was looking for “the perfect” lunch box…. I could envision it in my mind:  It would have several Bento-style containers that stack on top of each other and would be neatly contained in an insulated carrying bag.  (It has to be insulated here in Texas!)  Then everyone’s lunch could be pre-packed and it would be easy to just distribute lunches at lunchtime.  But alas, I could find no such lunch box.  I found some great lunch boxes for $50+, but let’s do the math:

$50 x 5 people in our family = more money than I am going to spend on lunchboxes! 
Scrap that idea.  I couldn’t even find something similar to “make do” with, so I ended up settling for some Walmart lunch bags with sandwich boxes that don’t exactly fit and the children can’t even get open with out help.

Then a couple of weeks ago, I found Kelly Lester!  She is the Mom-CEO of!  She must have been reading my mind, because a year ago, when I was wandering around town dreaming up “the perfect” lunch box system, she was busy manufacturing it! 

Exactly what I had imagined!  Check out her website, for lots of yummy lunch ideas!  (This picture says “click”… On her website, you can actually click and it takes you to the gallery… Here I think you’d better click here to go to her gallery.

I immediately ordered 5 sets.  Of everything.  Now Kelly is an actress in California.  I don’t think she would be offended if I said she is a bit of a city girl.  She doesn’t know how much little farmhands can eat! She wrote back and said, “5?!  Are you sure?  Isn’t that a lot?”  Yes, Kelly!  I am sure!  5 Lunchboxes for my hungry little chow-hounds!  We are all so excited waiting for them to arrive!  Kelly is so sweet!  She is sending us lunchboxes and we will be sending her a big box of Good Old Days Farm soap!  I am working on a batch of soap for her now! 

Anyway, Kelly invited me to appear as a guest blogger on her website.  The blog post I wrote for her was about our top-secret recipe for delicious and healthy, allergy-free “fudge"… just in time for the holidays.  Here is the picture from her blog.  Didn’t she do a great job dressing it up?  It’s actually a fuzzy picture from Papa the Farmer’s birthday feast a few weeks ago!

You can read the fudge recipe here on Kelly’s site!


  1. Your fudge recipe sounds interesting, I look forward to trying it! Thanks for sharing! I REALLY like getting new recipes that my family can actually use!
    -Beka =)

  2. Let me know how you like it. =) I'm planning to post more recipes in the future. One of the things I'm planning to do over at is a guest post about making homemade salad dressings that transport easily for lunchtime. =)